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Subcontractors & Vendors

Thank you for your interest in being a subcontractor and/or vendor for DEJESUS. We truly appreciate you.

To be a subcontractor and/or vendor your company may be required, upon being awarded a project, to submit and file a few pieces of key documents and information such as a signed subcontractor and/or independent contractor agreement, signed purchase order, certificates of insurance, proof of licensure, and references.


On municipal contracts, you may be asked to provide various bonds depending on the size and scope work.  

Please speak to the appropriate project manager to determine what you will need to be in compliance with our policies.

We are always looking to connect with subcontractors in the states of Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Florida, and Pennsylvania. If you work in any of these geographic regions, please reach out!

Trades We Always Consider




Site work

Foundations, concrete, brick, masonry



Wallboard and plaster



Roofing, Siding


Windows, Doors, Garages

Hardscape, Landscape, Asphalt

Inquire about being a partner

Fill in your company's information below to inquire about being a subcontractor and/or vendor with us. 

Thanks for inquiring!

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