• archived documents from October of 2011 show that DeJesus Industries was initially intended to be a technology company. Steve Jobs, with his amazing and innovative work at Apple, Inc., had a small influence on Alberto's desire to create a technology company.


  • After seeing the first Iron Man movie, the idea of creating a company called DeJesus Industries came into existence


  • the first logo of the company was created in March of 2012 inspired by the fictitious innovative technology company 'Stark Industries' from the first Iron Man movie 


  • the company was officially registered with the secretary of state of Massachusetts in August of 2017 as a general contracting firm

  • Although it was a dead deal, we still consider it an accomplishment. The largest housing development deal presented to DeJesus Industries was in the amount of $30 million for a project in Westborough, Massachusetts.


  • DeJesus Industries became a subsidiary company to its parent organization DeJesus Trust & Company in August of 2018

DeJesus Industries, LLC

Official logo - early 2017

Official logo - mid 2017

Official logo - mid to late 2017

Official logo - 2018

First logo - Archived Oct 2, 2011

Second logo - Mar 14, 2012

Logo of the fictitious company 'Stark Industries' of which the name derived.

Apple, Inc. logo of 2008. In Addition to Stark Industries, Apple released the industries most innovative technology products influencing the tech focus of 'DeJesus Industries'.

DeJesus Industries acquired by DeJesus Trust & Company in August 2018.

Logo backstory

The square shape of the logo is adopted from the many prestigious financial institutions that also use a square logo such as American Express, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Charles Schwab.

Font backstory

The official font of the DeJesus Industries logo is called "Apple Chancery". The font invokes two common emotions and/or perceptions: elegance and experience. 

The backstory of how we became a GC firm

In the living room of a small townhome in Holliston, Massachusetts, the idea of starting a construction company arose from a conversation that occurred with long known family friends from our local Brazilian church.

After realizing that there are too many technology-based start-up companies and how difficult it was made to enter the space the idea was scrapped. Because of how much potential there is in the construction arena we decided to enter the real estate and construction space. 

Unlike most construction companies, we embrace the prestigious foreign construction techniques and design's to build and lead exotic and luxurious construction projects.


  • DeJesus Industries revamps its official logo to what the company is commonly referred to out in the field by employees and customers.

Official logo - 2020

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DeJesus Industries USA

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