A Paramount Builder

DeJesus Industries is a general construction company specializing in mid to ultra high end kitchens, bathrooms, additions, garages, and new home constructions! DeJesus primarily serves Boston and Greater Boston in addition to the Upper East side, Upper West side, and Central Park areas of New York City. 


The difference between DeJesus and everyone else is our team. Our team is comprised of individuals educated from the nation's most elite universities and trade schools including but not limited to Boston University, University of Massachusetts, Northeastern University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Harvard University. Many of our team members have 10+ years of construction experience they bring to the table and a diverse set of skills.


When you hire DeJesus note that you're not hiring just any group of professionals, but the most selective builders in the United States and that's something we are very proud of and our customers boast as well. 

Let's make your project a DEJESUS project! Call today for a free estimate at (800) 283-7126.

See our company's timeline and backstory here