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Portfolio of Private Residences Recently Completed or In Progress

N.B. - To maintain the maximum level of security and privacy of our projects, some addresses may be omitted entirely at the discretion of the client and DeJesus Industries.

New York

Park Avenue, Upper East Side, Manhattan  Condo Renovation

W 67th Street, Upper West Side, Manhattan – Kitchen Renovation 


Gardner Road, Brookline – House Renovation

Benjamin Road, Belmont – House Renovation

Longwood Avenue, Brookline – House Renovation

Clyde Street, Brookline – Architectural & Pre-Construction

Abottsford Road, Brookline – Architectural & Pre-Construction  

Beacon Street, Brookline – Bathroom Renovation

Joy Street, Beacon Hill - Condo Renovation

Riverway Street, Boston - Condo Renovation

Woodlawn Street, Dedham – Kitchen Renovation

Pine Crest Road, Newton – Kitchen Renovation

Roland Street, Newton – Bathroom Renovation

Bernard Street, Newton – House Renovation

13th Street, Charlestown – Condo Renovation

Pearl Street, Charlestown – House Renovation

Baldwin Street, Charlestown – House Renovation

Hayward Road, Acton – Basement Renovation

Fisher Road, Southborough – House Renovation

Nimrod Drive, Concord – Bathroom Renovation

Thompson Street, Hyde Park – Bathroom Renovation

Alpheus Road, Roslindale – House Renovation

Hundreds Road, Westborough – Basement Renovation

W Main Street, Westborough – House Renovation

Westmoor Circle, West Roxbury – Bathroom Renovation

Newmarch Street, Ipswich – Bathroom Renovation

Lynn Shore Drive, Lynn Beach – Bathroom Renovation

Vesey Road, Randolph – House Renovation

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