Standard Warranty


All clients receive one year of standard warranty. The warranty is effective on the date the project is completed. If a clients wants to extend his or her warranty, this can be done by purchasing extended warranty. 


Express Warranty is provided to all clients who use DeJesus Industries. DeJesus Industries warrants to the owner and architect that materials and equipment furnished under the agreement will be of good quality and new unless the agreement documents require or permit otherwise. DeJesus Industries further warrants that the work will conform to the requirements of the agreement documents and will be free from defects, except for

those inherent in the quality of the work the agreement documents require or permit. Work, materials, or equipment not conforming to these requirements shall be considered defective.


DeJesus Industries warranty excludes remedy for damage or defect caused by abuse, alterations to the work not executed by DeJesus Industries, improper or insufficient maintenance, improper operation, or normal wear and tear and normal usage. If required by the architect or owner, DeJesus Industries shall furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind of quality of materials and equipment. Other warranties or guarantees may be detailed in the agreement documents with specified coverages or time periods. DeJesus Industries will have the final decision of determining if a refinished or remodeled item or service is covered by warranty. Assumes normal wear and tear only and does not include abuse, neglect, acts of God, fire, accidents, flood, tornadoes or accidental or intentional damage and or vandalism. 


In order to enforce the rights under this warranty, the home owner should promptly notify DeJesus Industries in writing the details of the specific item or items which are believed to be covered by this warranty. DeJesus Industries shall promptly proceed to repair or replace the defective materials and/or workmanship as long as we find in our reasonable judgment that the item is covered by the warranty.

Does not include off-site manufactured products. Shall not apply to any appliances installed by DeJesus Industries for home owner, and upon request we will assign and transfer any applicable manufacturers’ warranties to the owner. Shall not apply to any materials that have been repaired, adjusted or modified by an individual or entity other than DeJesus Industries employees or it’s subcontractors. Any repair or replacements furnished under this warranty will not carry a new warranty, but only the unexpired portion of the original warranty. 


This warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy available for the home owner. 

This warranty is effective the date the project is completed and expires in one year.

Extended Warranty

All clients are given until the date of expiration of standard warranty to purchase an extended warranty. 

An extended warranty provides an additional two years of warranty. DeJesus Industries will provide two complimentary inspections, which can be redeemed by the client once per year.

Standard and extended warranty are transferable to new homeowners. 


To purchase an extended warranty, please call us at 617.651.3960 with your project number.


To submit a claim, please have a copy of your contract ready and call us at 617.651.3960.

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