DeJesus Industries Launches in New York City

Following the success of our Boston division, on March 10th 2021, DeJesus Industries announced our grand opening to the New York City market. All necessary licenses and insurances were finalized on February 24th 2021, and new systems for project management and billing have been implemented. With all of the paperwork and systems in place, we are excited to expand into this new market and provide the same top quality services to a new clientele.

Our scope of work in New York will remain similar to that of Boston. Our specialties include ultra high end kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, additions, and total home renovations. Our team will also continue to provide the same auxiliary services on each project. These include 3D concept plans, live schedules and updates, and excellent customer service.

In conclusion, all of us at DeJesus Industries are eager to begin this expansion and form the same great relationships with our customers in this new region.

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