Preparing for a Boston Kitchen Remodel?

A Boston Kitchen Remodel may sound like a stressful and time consuming process, and it very well may be depending on who you choose as your general contractor. DeJesus Industries in Boston, MA is a top general contracting firm that builds to impress!

We specialize in exotic and high end kitchen remodeling and will provide you a few pointers before picking up the phone or booking your consultation online.

1. Find Boston's top general contractor and kitchen designer

Done. With DeJesus Industries you need to look no more. We work with two of Boston's most prestigious kitchen designers to make your vision a reality.

2. Understand the process, your wants, and needs Don't be afraid to ask questions, particularly if this is your first remodeling project. Each contracting firm operates differently, so understanding not just the general process, but the firms is imperative. At DeJesus Industries, we communicate and ensure our clients understand the logistics and fundamentals of their project from the beginning. And do be afraid to take your time to sort ideas and concepts out with your client specialist, designer, and the friends and family that will be supporting and assisting you in the decision making process. Just like the purchase of your home, a remodeling project requires a lot of thoughts and planning.

3. Execute

At this point you have done all the planning. Now it is time to execute them. This is where a formal contract is prepared and signed and deposits due. At DeJesus Industries, we make it a harmless and efficient process. Contracts are delivered and signed electronically and deposits can be satisfied online or via U.S. mail. Once we have these steps completed, your project gets submitted to the town for review and a the proper permits are issued. All paperwork is completely handled by us, so you just need to sit back and relax! Now we can have materials delivered and begin construction!

4. Complete and inspect

Once the project is completed, DeJesus Industries conducts its own inspection of the work before the town official does to ensure an efficient closing of the project. You will receive a project completion form and will finally get to enjoy your new kitchen!

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